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1970s and 1980s


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We would like to express our thanks to the various Shoreditch College Alumni who have contributed towards our collection of pass lists contemporaneously published at the conclusion of their course.  




1981 Year ~  Pass List


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1980 Merger Year ~  Merger Prospectus  (PDF)   (courtesy John Cross)

1980 Merger Year ~  Formal Photograph      Informal Photograph  (courtesy Stewart Roney)

1980 Merger Year ~  Pass List     B. Ed Pass & Hons. Eligibility List


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1979 Year ~  Photograph  (courtesy Barry Thomas)

1979 Year ~  Pass List not available                                   

1979 Year ~  List of Special Exercises

We don't have the Year List for 1979; however, courtesy of Barry Thomas (1979 yr.) here is a list of all the special exercises for the final exhibition. A big "thank you" Baz for typing out this list for us!

D Baldwin
Mrs Leslie L Bennett
Miss G Bertram
M J Birmingham
P J Blackett
N J W Bowden
A J Bradford
J A Brant
Miss S R Bright
N G Brooks
P M Caldecott
S Carragher
C P Channell
T C Darters
Peter V Davies
D A Dennis
C J M Dewberry
N A D Dirveiks
R J Dolinski
R J Driscoll
T D Ford
Miss Anne E Francis

M S Goodman
M Gordon
J E Grant
M R Greenwood
S C Halls
S Hayto
D Hesketh
M C Hewitt
John O Hill
P A Irvine
G D Jackson
A C Jardine
S J Keeley
J Kelly
N F Kennedy
J F Lancaster
N Lawrence
H D Lineton
Miss E J Lloyd
W C McGovern
G B Maddison
G Middlewood
F G Milsom
John R Milward
Geoff M Moore
Y A Nashaba
B J Overington
Steve A Parsons
Tim Peagam
Gary Pemberton
R Petty
M C Preece
J J Proctor
Andrew C Ramsden
B D Reeves
K G Reilly
S J Richards
C R Salt
J D Schofield
J J Scrase
N A Seed
Mrs B E Shaffer
M W Sharp
R F D Silvester
S E Simpson
C V Smith
David A Smith
M C Smith
T W Smith
A W Stanley
Mrs M Talford
Barry Thomas
Dennis B Thomas
D K Thomas
G M W Thomas
S P G Tribe
Stuart W Turner
P J L Tustin
M T Usher
P J Watts
D Wearing
B W Wentowski
Nigel O Williams
M A Wills
G A Woodrow
G S Woolard
K Worrall
D J Yates
Drawing, writing desk
(Sodalite I think - I had a big crush on Leslie...)
Writing desk
Motorcycle repair bench
Dining Table
Pendulum clock
Injection moulding machine
Games/coffee table
Extending dining table
Fishing equipment
Headboard unit
Pendant, bracelet and earrings
Twin cylinder marine engine
Modular storage units
Silver piano
Silver plated coffee pot
Mule chest
Radio controlled tracked vehicle
Illuminated centrepiece (a tree, hung with gemstones)
(now in Winchester?)
Goblets, ice bucket and tray
Exercise cycle
Ink pot stand
Hydraulic hoist
Transcription turntable
Needlework cabinet
Adjustable chair
Coffee set
Drinks cabinet
Cutlery set
Jewellery set
Draughting table
Ring box
Jewellery set
Writing table
Trigger mechanism for pistol
Silver chalice and paten
Child's car
Games table
Bookbinder's workbench
Winch and trailer for cliff rescue
Table Settle   
 (last heard of as an Army Major or similar)
Communion set
Audio stereo unit
Sewing machine cabinet
Grandfather clock cabinet
Vertical milling head
(Builder and joiner now in Hawes, N Yorkshire)
Tea/coffee pots
Jewellery casket
Pool table
Photographic bench
Dressing table set
Kitchen dresser
Reclining chair
Necklace and detachable brooch
7.25" gauge locomotive
Grandmother clock cabinet
Octave mandola
Goblets and decanter
Solar powered cold frame
Trailer tent
Laminated lounge chair
Sewing table/desk
Silver tarot card case
Darkroom unit
Kitchen table set
Miniature television case
Storage/display unit   
 (about 6` 4" and drove a mini)
Corner cabinet
Free pendulum clock
Corner display cabinet
Lawn spreader
Hydraulic trolley jack
Coffee pot
Extending dining table
Double bed
Hi Fi transcription unit
Fireball dinghy


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1978 Year ~ The Formal Photograph   (these photographs courtesy Mark Rollins 78 yr)

1978 Year ~ Formal Photograph with identifying numbers  +  Link to list of names of students (pdf)   (courtesy Julian Foster)

1978 Year ~ The Informal Version

1978 Year ~ Pass List


1978 Year ~ List of Special Exercises     (thanks again for all the typing, Baz! - Barry Thomas, 79 yr.)

Arndt, R V
Bailey, T C
Barker, N J
Barker, Miss J
Barry, C L
Bate, N D
Bellas, P M
Boardman, Miss S P
Boon, A A
Brown, P L
Bell, Miss R
Cater, S A
Chalmers, D G
Chapman, A K
Corcoran, I M
Cotterill, D J
Cross, M K
Crump, M C
Davies, P H
Davies, S
Davies, S J
Davis, K A
Dee, J C
Dickson, A P
Donovan, J J
Falconer, R
Ferguson, I G
Fewster, J W
Fraser, J
Gair, N D
Goodchild, A D
Gordon, J B
Hale, Mrs M J
Hancox, N E
Hare, S D
Haslam, K D
Hewitt, P D
Heyes, A
Hill, P R
Hopkins, C G
Howard, P
Howells, C A
Humble, R W
Jenkins, C
Kerr, I A E
Keyte, C W
King, S
Levett, D C
Lings, A M
Lloyd, H
Mallett, D K
Manu, E A
Mills, R
Morley, C J
Nicholls, H
Palmer, J D
Parkes, A A
Payne, R
De Pear, Mrs S E K
Perkins, C
Peters, W J
Phipps, B D
Pipe, J W
Reay, J
Richards, T J
Roberts, S W
Rollins, M J
Royston, P
Rutt, P J
Ryan, M G
Rymer, A
Searson, S
Seaton, A D
Senyk, M P
Shepherd, M P
Short, A W
Simms, S E
Simpson, K C
Sims, A J
Skinner, N C
Slack, R
Smith, D A
Smith, P D
Sobers, N
Stevens, G N
Stevens, R J R
Stoakley, R J
Szulc, A W
Tapper, S J
Tarr, T M
Taylor, C R
Taylor, G C
Thomson, R
Tomkins, J V
Troughton, R A F
Torr, J J
Tucker, E
Turner, R W
Waite, J E R
Warren, Miss F M
Watts, N A
Webb, D O
Whalley, Miss S J
Wheeler, M
Whitelegg, M R
Wickham, J F
Williams, A J
Williams, D
Williams, K
Williams, R D
Woodcock, M W
Concert flute
Silver box
Gun cabinet
Jewellery set
Pool table
Long case clock
Sewing cabinet
Child's train
Hobbies cabinet
Solar water heaters
Jewellery set
Kitchen island unit
Woodworker's bench
Canoe paddles
Working recurve bow
Sky camera
Bracelet, pendant and earrings
Bench sander and linisher
Drinks cabinet
Bench drilling machine
Hang glider
Uilleann pipes
Jewellery set
Technical drawing desk
Marquetry cutting donkey
Bench lathe
Class four kart
Corner cabinet
Two boxes and a pendant
Model locomotive
Silver centrepiece
Jewellery set
Table and chair
Vacuum former
Trolley jack
Sideboard display cabinet
Bar billiards table
Coffee pot
Centrifugal water pump
Windsor rocking chair
Circular dining table
Animation unit
Walking frame
Writing desk
Clock mechanism
TV game control for disabled
Work bench
Dressing table
Lounge unit
Silver box
Child's writing desk
Silver jug
Easy chair
Sailing surfboard
Watch case and bracelet
Motor cycle fairing
Screen printing bench
Stereo and storage unit
Storage Unit
Class one kart
Silver inlaid jewellery box
Necklace and bracelet
Writing desk
Drinks cabinet
Set of goblets
Jewellery set
Stereo turntable and speaker cabinets
Book case bureau
Wall unit
Games table
Display cabinet
Photographic processing bench
Wall mounted bureau
Model railway storage unit
Wrought iron gate
Bed headboard
Display cabinet
Draughting table
Rocking chair
Dining table
Drawing desk
Circular dining table
Dinner wagon
Long case clock
Glasshouse tractor
Decorative belt
Display cabinet
Military chest
Dining table
Laminated dining table
Wrought iron gate
Coffee pot
Decanter and goblets
Wall storage unit
Utility cabinet
Long bow and formers


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1977 Year  ~  Pass List          Pass List composite pages

1977 Year  ~  The Formal Photograph    (courtesy Julian Foster)

1977 Year  ~  Formal Photograph with identifying numbers  +  Link to list of names of students (pdf)   (courtesy Julian Foster)

1977 Year  ~  The Informal Version    (courtesy Julian Foster)


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1976 Year  ~  The Formal Photograph  (these photos courtesy of Steve Knight)

1976 Year  ~  Formal Photograph with identifying numbers  +  Link to list of names of students (pdf)   (courtesy Julian Foster)

1976 Year  ~  The Informal Version

1976 Year  ~  Pass List


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1975 Year  ~  The Formal Photograph   (these photos courtesy of John Cross)

1975 Year  ~  Formal Photograph with identifying numbers  +  Link to list of names of students (pdf)   (courtesy Julian Foster)

1975 Year  ~  The Informal Version

1975 Year  ~  Pass List (PDF format)   Pass List  (MS Word .doc format)   (courtesy John Cross)

1975 Year  ~  Exhibition  (Powerpoint format)   (courtesy John Cross)

1975 Year  ~  The Valedictory Menu  (also courtesy of John Cross)


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1974 Year  ~  Pass List

1974 Year  ~  Formal Photograph        Informal Photograph     (these photographs courtesy Stephen Nicholson)



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1973 Year  ~  Pass List

1973 Year  ~  Formal Photograph        Informal Photograph



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1972 Year  ~  Pass List




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1971 Year  ~  Pass List     many thanks to Jill Naylor (Christopher) for providing this




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1970 Year  ~  Pass List



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